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"the only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely cut open"
- chuck palahniuk
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012
The Sign ✖ 8:51 AM

"The difference is that you should live in Los Angeles if you ever want to experience anything resembling actual pleasure. I will cop to being a cripplingly ambitious person. I want all things right now, and will do pretty much whatever it takes to have them. I appreciate knowing that I am on a path to material gratification and social acceptance. Whether or not I actually am is up for debate. Only a person on the outside of my experience can really tell me if what I am doing with my life is going to assist my desire. I want to believe I am making all the right moves, but a creative impulse can only truly be validated by outside stimulus. In between all of that pressure and self-doubt, it would be kinda nice to go to the beach."

Dave Schilling

 I've been thinking, and praying, and sometimes in the deepest moment of doubt you find yourself all kinds of things to appear as a sign. Religious callings, are said to be deeply personal, like God was addressing you directly (but indirectly). Only you can understand and experience that message which changes everything that you've already thought you'd figure out or not. Although my agenda is hardly religious, I somehow feel I know what I want and have to do. Whether it catapults me into a dream or not, I know that I cannot settle for mediocre and monoculture.

Unless I'm living on the edge, sacrifices that I make are merely kind intentions and sensible habits.